Duration:16 Months

16 months ago I was totally bored of my mundane gym routine and was thinking of quitting the gym altogether. 

One day I decided to try one of The West Twins  Insanity classes and absolutely loved it, it was right up my street.

I then got chatting to Jenny after the class and they said she was also a personal trainer and offered help with nutrition. I had never lifted a weight before and was very sceptical about how this could possibly help me lose weight. (surely an hour on the treadmill would burn more calories)?!

I decided to give it a go anyway and was totally convinced it wouldn’t work. OMG how wrong could I have possibly been!!!!

16 months later, I’ve dropped three dress sizes, my body shape has completely change and I’m lifting weights that I never thought I would. All thanks the Jenny’s help and guidance.

Diet wise I’m never hungry, just eat good nutritious food that my body needs.

I will be completely honest I’m not and never will be a massive fan of lifting weights but please trust me when I say its absolutely the right thing to do if you want to lose weight and change your body shape.¬†