Nutrition Plan

£25.00 / month


Product Description

Exactly what it says on the tin! 🙂 This is a personalised plan specifically designed for you not a pre-written plan or an off the shelf download!

All of your hard work in the gym is wasted if you aren’t eating right and have you ever heard the saying ‘abs are made in the kitchen’?  This is so true and the same applies if you are looking to tone up or build some good muscle definition or size.

The reason why so many fail when it comes to achieving their dream body is because the hardest thing to stick to is correct nutrition.  We’ve all reached for the naughty stuff we know we shouldn’t be eating!  On our nutrition plan you’ll be surprised at how often you’ll be eating, and we can promise you, you will NEVER GO HUNGRY!

Our tailored nutrition plans will also help to re-educate you; for example, carbs are not the enemy! A handful of raisins or a cereal bar is healthy right? Wrong!

Learn with our nutrition plan why you are not achieving your goals – it will totally surprise you!


So what are the benefits?


1.  Re-align your metabolism so you are burning fat even when relaxing – that includes sleeping 🙂

2.  You will be eating a variety of foods from all food groups


4.  Never go hungry! We promise!

5.  Easy and quick recipe ideas for you to make at home.

6.  How to handle ‘eating out’.

7.  Fit the plan around your lifestyle – cheat meals included!

8.  Online email support from Lucy and Jenny – we’re here to help!

9.  And so much more!


How it works..

Upon signing up to the plan, you will be sent a short questionnaire to fill in and send back to The West Twins – you will then receive your personalized nutrition plan based around your goals and lifestyle, including eating habits. Every month you will receive updated meal ideas to add variety to your personalized plan and to keep things interesting. Included throughout is online email support, where Lucy and Jenny will be on-hand to to help you with your nutrition goals.

Includes free entry EVERY MONTH into a draw to win a free training session with The West Twins!