Gym Twin

£49.00 / month


Product Description

Become a Gym Twin!  Tell us your fitness/body goals and you will receive a plan for training at home or in the gym AND nutrition guidance to succeed in your on-going goals. This is a monthly subscription plan, designed to be implemented a few times a week in place of, or in addition to, a gym membership or classes.  This is a personalised plan designed specifically for you! Not a generic plan or an off the shelf donwload.

Let us be your Gym Twin and give you personal online on-going support and advice to reach your goals!

1.   Personalized training plan reviewed monthly!

2.   Nutrition plan to give you the knowledge and direction you need to get your results.

3.   Have regular private personalised Gym Twin email support to review your whole plan from Lucy and Jenny, including exclusive one-off recipe ideas and advice.

4.   Updated with new ideas and exercises every month to keep you motivated and to give you variety!

5.   Use the email links we provide to ask us any questions or to query any concerns you have.

6.   Progress pictures required to track your on-going progress!

Some home training equipment may be needed prior to starting the plan if you are not currently using a gym or healthclub, but these are low cost and easy to get e.g. hand weights, mat, etc.