Lucy West

Hi! I’m Lucy, one half of the West twins!

Jenny and I have always been active and full of energy! Growing up, our mum used to say to us that she wished she had even a quarter of the energy we had.  As a child I was always in to sports at school, volleyball and track and field mostly.

Genetically my body type is a ‘Mesomorph’ meaning my body carries more muscle, and I’m lucky in that I  don’t struggle to build or maintain muscle either. This body type was definitely not in my favour when I was a teenager though, the look back then was to be a skinny waif and I struggled to be happy with what my parents had given me.  I spent my teen years eating little and doing hours of cardio in the gym. This did nothing for me, and I was a few sizes bigger than I am now.

Through my continued passion for fitness and my frustrations, I started to do my own research and read a lot! Both Jen and I decided to work WITH our body types and looked into bodybuilding, where we came across fitness models like Jessica Arevelo and Michelle Lewin. We admired their strong toned physiques. We started to hit the weights and completely gave up cardio! We also started to eat regularly and now we eat up to 8 times a day!

I’ve never eaten unhealthily to be honest, weirdly, I’ve never actually EVER had a takeaway!! I just love food so much, I prefer to spend time cooking something tasty! Through this new approach of eating regularly and training with weights, I’ve managed over the years to sculpt a body that is not only more in keeping of what I’m aiming for, but also and more importantly, healthy.  I love the balance I have now – I never count calories or spend hours doing cardio.  I’m so passionate about sharing what I’ve learned with others because I’ve been there, gone through those frustrations, and got the t-shirt and I can tell you I wouldn’t wish that frustration on anybody!

I’m so excited to help others create a better balance and healthier bodies so let’s get started!

Love, Lucy xx

Jenny West

I first became interested in fitness when I was browsing through social media one day and was inspired by all of the gorgeous fitness models like Paige Hathaway and Jessica Arrevalo.

After spending all of my adult life constantly fighting against my naturally muscular physique to try make it skinnier and slim I finally realised that it was time to work with what I’ve got and out went all the cardio and diet food and in came variety and weights! Soon my body began to sculpt and shape in a way I never dreamt it could!

I then decided to compete in a Nabba Toned Figure Competition as a way of achieving what I didn’t truly believed I could. I pushed boundaries, lifted more, ate leaner and sacrificed a lot but it was worth it, the results just kept coming. I was hooked on my new lifestyle and I’ve never looked back yet! Me and Lucy now both follow the same lifestyle and hope we inspire you in some way to do something good for your body!

You can be great, you just need to believe it. Start today and let us help!

Love, Jenny xx

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but one thing unites all: an active position in life.

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